the ease of minimalism

Apr 27, 2012

**sunnies, shorts, blouse: H&M ~ studded jacket: Zara ~ pumps: custom made insp. by
 Isabel Marant ~ armswag: H&M, Vintage ~ watch: Dolce & Gabbana**

Well hello there my special little Lovers...there would be more coming but I'm so
exhausted and all of my creative juices have unfortunately dried up.  Hence why
I can't force myself to write more.  The exhaustion has taken over.  Time for a 
late night meal and some "Family Guy".  I hope all you lovers have an amazing

Happy Friday!



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nikolia said...

YOU looks amazing...amazing jacket! ...
I love your shoes.
everything is so stylish!

PlaceTrends said...

I adore this jacket from Zara!!!

xx alex

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Estelle La Mode said...

I love the pairing of the white crisp shirt with the pastel shorts, Those shorts are too cute!!

Xx Esther

major said...

I wore the same thing white blouses button up and those shorts... That's not going to be a post hahahahaha. Love how you paired the shoes and the jacket <3<3<3 love it, I love how wearing a button up dresses it up. I thought it made me look older and not 13 lolololo <3 yuh


MELISSA said...

Just stunning.... Amazing jacket

Kate said...

Love the sweetness of the shorts against the tough studded jacket!

MerelyMarie said...

Those scalloped shorts are adorable!

Keisha Ervin said...

I love your hair in curls!


La Femme Tres Chic said...

you look amazing! I tried on these shorts at H&M and did not look nice on me. they was not made for girls that are thick in the bottom :(

Disfuntional.Happenings.With.Mo said...

- I love those shorts ! This whole outfit is just fabulous :)

Madeleine said...

You are gorgeous!!


The Expensivest

Cortnie Elizabeth said...

Looking good, Tosh! Love the color combo.


Huda said...

gorgeous Zara jacket.

Nancie Mwai said...

love this look! Your jacket is amazing!

Monroe Steele said...

love that jacket and the shorts..girl you are stunning. that second photo is amazing! you gotta laugh and smile more often!


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Lydia said...

swooning over those shorts!!

Freya - Fashionable People said...

I love the romantic soft cut to the shorts paired with the cool studded jacket!

Claudeen said...

Such a chic outfit. I really love those shoes!

The Key To Chic said...

Hope you had a relaxing weekend! The scalloped shorts are incredible!

**OnYxStA** said...

the scalloped shorts, those legs? Deathly combo
Fierce boo x


suan zhang said...

Peu importe ce que vous décidez tendance à aller avec cet été, aussi nous rappeler que sneakers Isabel marant toujours travailler et être à la mode.