Dec 7, 2013

KURT GEIGER LEILA (also similar styles here & here)

In lieu of my current quest to acquire the perfect pair of black and white loafers...I present to
you my Kurt Geigers.  All I could think was how could I have possibly missed these
 babies since I've been scouring the net like a mad dog looking for a bone.
I have my blogger babe Monroe to thank for sharing her purchase via her Instagram.
I can't wait to wear these along with my new New Balance kicksof which, I plan to have
 a collection of in many many colors {yup blame Pheobe}.



Terrah said...

OMG I'm so in love! *Insert heart eyes

Ciayana said...

I adore these! So fashion forward! Can't wait to see how you wear them!

Jana said...

Woah I love these! the pointed toe is so awesome!

melissa ward said...

I must try a pair... cant wait to see you rock em

Anja Skrba said...

Can they be more perfect then this?!