Dec 11, 2014

Hi loves!  Finally checking in...I have been so sick the past few weeks.  Finally
feelin betta :-D.  Stopped to snap a few shots after lunch at my favorite cafe. 

 I found these combat boots at Zara a week ago and have become
obsessed with them.  I've always wanted a pair but couldn't find the perfect
pair, and the buckle detail is the perfect addition.


Nov 23, 2014

It's something about short hair that always makes me gravitate to it. I have been looking
for the perfect haircut for the last few months and finally found it thanks to Spoke
& Weal Salon I have achieved the exact look I wanted.  I've had short hair in the past
and loved it, it's so easy.  No more stressful bad hair days! 

On another note, I want to thank you for reading my blog and giving it life with your views,
 shares and comments.  I just want to address the direction blogging has taken and mention
 that my site has and will always be original content that makes me happy and hopefully
 inspires anyone  in what ever way it can.  I am not blogging for money, endorsements, or
 popularity, if that continues to come along the way it will always be true to who I am.
  If you like what you see, that's great, if not I understand.

  I'm a pretty simple girl...maybe you can call me an old fashioned blogger who is still in
 it for the fun, simplicity and creativity.   I am happy watching my site evolve and grow
 the way it has over the years, bringing you personal style content from brands (new & old)
 that I actually love and  wear or just simple content that inspires me.  I feel most comfortable
 in my own clothes or clothing that is one hundred percent consistent with my style. 
 My hustle is to be original and provide content that is perfectly me, that is all, and if I can
 grow this way then I am the happiest.  I have, and will always run my blog my way regardless
 of any opinions or fear for loss of readership.  My motive isn't to become marketable, 
popular, or commercial, it's to only be me and if those things happen then great.

You who visit and continue to are not just followers to me, I consider you my cyber friends
and I am truly grateful to share what I love with you!  If you want to see something more 
please let me know and I will try my best to add it!  I heart you guys!

More pics of my haircut :-)...